Wet at the Waters Edge

Down here where the land ends and the sea begins, things have been gloomy, gusty and wet. Wet enough to make you wish you had been smart enough to bring a change of socks. But even with the rain, our little slice of the wide, wide world has been buzzing and bumping with activity because we have tricked ourselves into persevering to get the work done with the use of  our weather blinders. The weather blinders similar to the type warn by thoroughbred horses of the “mudder” vairiety allow us to keep on task, wet socks or not. Unfortunately the blinders haven’t helped us with the ankle deep water so we slog on.

If (I mean when) mother-nature decides to let us know who the real boss is we will quickly batten down the hatches and head off to the movies or some other dry local until she has finished with her shenanigans which really means knee deep water for us.

Funny thing is, we still get to enjoy around 335 sun filled, “dermatologically” challenging days per year and yet we seem to always choose to spend these few gloomy wet days continuing on with what needs to be accomplished, the work. I suppose it has to do with economics,

This weekend looks to be like more of those minority days of damp sandpaper and wet socks but I have reason to believe that it will be followed by sunshine and ocean breezes. Love it or not, we all know that we will inevitably get sunburned down here at the waters edge.

Signing off down at NAUPACTUS.

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