Chasing Wolves

I had a dream last night that I was being chased by a pack of wolves. I was running over hills and across fields and then I stopped running and turned around. I stared into one of the wolf’s eyes and at that moment I was no longer afraid. I began to chase the wolf and his pack, back across the field and over the hills. I chased them into what I believed to be hell. I was screaming and laughing at them and felt great satisfaction as I drove them away. And then I woke up.

I immediately thought about how many days I have woken up as a small business owner not counting of course my days mowing lawns, hucking newspapers, cleaning boat bottoms or as a commission salesperson for Wall St. No, I only wanted to know the number of days I have woken up as a payroll provider, chief compliance officer, quality control manager and chief customer servicer officer.

The numbers are shocking:

  • 89 Months
  • 378 Weeks
  • 2269 Days
  • 24959 Hours

Each one of these metrics represents countless learning experiences, stresses and moments of absolute satisfaction.

If I were to look back at how those months, weeks, days and hours would have been spent in an office with a manager I cannot begin to imagine what I would have in metrics, any metrics. This is a priceless endeavor but it certainly is not for everybody, especially for those who are afraid of wolves.



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