Captains Log

My original intentions for this Blog are intact in as much as I have been endeavoring to create a record of what it is like to run a small or must I say “micro” business during tough times. As a matter of fact, I published a book about the adventure last year.

So truth be told, times are still tough but maybe just maybe the toughness of the world has created a numbing affect which in turn makes the overall toughness just a little, less tough. Call it pain tolerance or heat tolerance or call it whatever you want but the fact is it is still tough out there.

Our harbor is still about 1/3 empty and the 2/3 of the boats which remain are pretty tough too because their owners obviously value boating and the lifestyle of boating more than the 1/3 who have past along. One would think that working to satisfy these remaining 2/3 would be that much simpler but the math still doesn’t seem to add up probably because the capacity to do what it is we endeavor to do has not changed that much. In other words, there is simply too much capacity for too few customers, at least up until right now.

Today I was greeted by a steady stream of laid off craftsmen from a competitors business. It seems that my competitor, although backed up by much deeper pockets than the empty lint lined pockets I possess has deemed it necessary to “cut costs right here and right now” to the bone and in so doing,  send these men out into the world.

What can I offer these poor souls as they pass through my little enterprise but consolation? As the wreckage passes underneath and alongside our slowly moving vessel which can only just bear the weight of our little crew and our hopes and dreams we slog on towards the horizon, hoping that tomorrow will be a better day and that all of the vanquished will be redeemed, gliding too, along their courses towards their horizons.



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