A Special Place

I got a call today from a recent boat yard customer I nicknamed “Gully Jimson” after Alec Guiness’s character in “The Horses Mouth.” Gully called me to thank me for hauling his boat from the water.

As I recall from behind the Winston stuck to my lip, I had yelled to him from atop our piers, ” Gully this will be my one Corinthian act for 2013 and by God, Gully, you are a lucky fellow.”

No marina or boat yard in the harbor would have this poor fellow, just by the sight of him and his craft your first instincts would be to stash the silver and hide the children. But once you got to know Gully, you soon saw through the tired and varnished exterior of the old guy. Cal Berkley set him loose into the world with a degree after he had already spent a few years with SE Asian mud under his boots with the US Army. So the guy was ok to me.

I am glad he is off and away though. You see, guys like Gully tend to attract other characters and our little paradise can only accommodate one of these guys at a time, not five of them.

So as the sun sets into the western horizon, soft rays of light dance on the palm trees as they cast longer and longer shadows upon our ever changing collection of boats. Pelicans dive and splash above the whooshing sounds of cars and compressors, sanders and hammers.

Time to head home. Time to remember that it isn’t just about the profit and loss statement. Its about peace, its about being Corinthian and its about humility.

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