Christopher Columbas and Chuck E. Cheese

Our government funded the Global Positioning System for one cold purpose, to guarantee delivery of our nuclear ICBM technology over the horizon. Now GPS accurately guides millions of SUV’s to unknown shopping malls located alongside well lit and signed boulevards around the world.

Without GPS I doubt that the masses of Craig’s List value hounds and Saturday morning yard sale aficionados would ever make it to their next purchase.  Think about a world without it, without knowing your e.t.a. to Chuck E. Cheese or Target, could we survive?

This is why I love boats and the ocean. Sure we have GPS too, but without the roads and street signs, navigation still requires a little brain power. The ocean is the last place we can go to escape the lunacy of traffic and the rat race.

So the next time you experience a little anxiety when driving in an unknown town or neighborhood, relax, you are on a road and I would imagine the sign ahead will give you a choice. I say take the road less travelled.



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