They say you cannot miss someone until they are gone. Well I already miss my dad as he has finally left for the ancient seabeds to our east and north. My dad, “Mike” has been amongt us since our inception in 2005. You may have met him and you wouldn’t be able to forget him if you had the pleasure of spending a few minutes talking with him. He always had an opinion regarding the state of our nation. God help you once you started a verbal tangent with him as he “had the time” to fully discuss any issue you desired.

His daily presence at “the picnic” table was always a welcome site for me. He was my nightwatchman. Unfortunately, everytime anything went down after hours at the yard, I would ask him ” what the hell happened?” His normal response was” I didn’t hear or see anything….what happened?” God bless him. He never made enemies, just friends.

He’s not dead. He is just moving on for now. Pops, I am gonna miss you. If you want to talk with him, ask me for directions and if you have the stomach and the gas, you will find him as he is literally at the “end of the line”.

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  1. suefleet says:

    Andy – great blog! I knew that your dad was going to be moving, just didn’t know when. I’m sure that you will miss having him around! Godspeed to your dad as he moves on to another place.

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