On “Sequestering”

It’s a funny thing when you think about it, all this commotion over a “sequestering” of our government. Now take me for instance. When I hear the word “sequester” all I could muster was a vision of a jury trial movie, a “motel /no-tel”, pizza boxes strewn around and 12 bored out of there mind individuals attempting to reach a consensus. Not an entire government that amounts to every living and breathing manifestation of a Republic that spans the globe from custodians in the Capital to some poor schmuck manning a desk in a foreign service office in down town Singapore and everything in between. How do we sequester all of that? We can’t and we probably won’t. No, come the first day of sequestering, these thousands of souls will probably be ok for a bit but then, just when they get used to it, they will probably be “un-sequestered” which I am certain won’t be that dramatic, but if you figure these people, however dedicated they me be to our general cause, will feel a little bit underappreciated. Wouldn’t you?

Here’s a thought, why not sequester the sequesters?  I for one won’t be too excited if we missed a few days of politics as usual but if the bathrooms in the Capital go just one day without a proper cleaning we could very well be on our way to the end of the Republic. Keep the custodians and staff on the payroll but definitely sequester the ones that get paid to talk for a while. For once, maybe things would be a little less noisy and maybe we would keep out of trouble for however long we desire a little peace and quiet.

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