Massage Parlors and the Sequester

A customer complained about the sequester today. It seems that his government position is in jeopardy and that he will be furloughed in the next 30 days. It must be a shocker for someone whose entire working life has been as predictable as the Earth’s orbit around the sun. I suppose that after a few weeks of furlough he may develop a sense of empathy for the millions who have already been furloughed by way of our free market system over the last 7 years. What comes around eventually gets around.

When driving down town for dinner last night my wife commented on the large numbers of new massage parlors lining our boulevards and avenues.  I replied that it seemed like a perfectly good occupation for a long since furloughed or corporate downsized individual with strong hands. I suppose that all of our soon to be furloughed government servants could use a good rub down right about now, I know I wouldn’t mind one.

Maybe if we get lucky enough we will all get to experience the pleasure of a solid rub down by a laid off bank president or a furloughed congressman.

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