Tai Chi and Small Business

Small business is like no other thing in the world, unless of course you can already simultaneously experience the emotions of fear of financial ruin, the general anxiety created from managing fellow human beings who may or may not be on the same page as you, concern for the highest quality work and elation when all of the aforementioned anxieties are subdued by a job well done.

Trips home to the barn are filled with mental  “defrag” time that, with any success, will be  completed before you hit the front door. God help you when your central processor kicks back into update mode in the wee hours of dawn though. You are on your own for sure, then.

Some guys rely on beer or booze to self medicate their way to a good nights sleep but I have begun a form of Tai Chi taught to me by a good friend.  Don’t ask me what form it is because I have no idea. All I really know is that not only is it relaxing but if I were to speed it up from standard mode to lets say the speed of an old 45 record, man I would look scary. So scary I could probably pull off a self defense maneuver in a dark parking lot, sure. My kids find it quite entertaining to watch too. I know because I can hear them giggling when I do my moves. No matter, because the way I figure it, a billion Chinese can’t be wrong.

If you can deal with all of that, then small business may be your calling, otherwise you better stick with your day job.

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