Winds of Change

The wind is up down here at the waters edge but not only the winds that rustle the halyards and canvas, no this is a wind directing change.

To call something your own is a wonderful feeling, something that you love, dedicate your life to, something that in your own mind defines who it is that you are. This is something that is important. When that thing is taken from you, it also takes away who you believe at the moment that it is you are. Do you then become less of a person?

I don’t believe this to be true for what it is that you do will, over time, change you into something new, something better. I believe that this is the case. That is to say that what it is that I believe I am has little to do with what I have lost and more to do with what it is I have gained in the way of experiences and wisdom.

To forgive, to let go, to move along with grace, these are the attributes I wish to maintain and to be proud of owning. More so than a wind blown patch of asphalt down here at the waters edge. Smiling faces, a job well done, quiet time when it is done. This is what matters most at Naupactus.

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