Son of a Son

The song says it all. I too am the son of a son of a sailor. As I wind down to the final days and hours of this rich chapter on the waterfront, I am experiencing an overwhelming sense of ease and contentment. We took the high road, did the good work and owned our mistakes all the way along.

Its a funny thing to have the time to witness the end of your livelihood at what first appears to be a rapid pace but in the end is just slow motion, a slow motion death. Dostoevsky described it perfectly in Crime and Punishment, a man walking to the gallows looks back upon his life and breaks the remaining moments of his life into small footsteps filled with thoughts and reflections upon a life filled with mistakes and triumphs. This is where I am mentally and yet I am not going to the gallows.

One cannot help but panic in the midnight hours to think of the sea of humanity swimming all around, everyone swimming with a purpose except for me. What will I do?

I will wake up and set sail, hauling my burdens with me. Thank God I am buoyed upwards by friends and the ones I love, my sails filled with past accomplishments, lifting ahead towards new challenges yet to be discovered.

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