A New Chapter


Getxo Spain 2013-Camino de Santiago-Norte

I did a lot of thinking(and walking) since Tina and I closed Anchors Way Marine Centers in 2013. As I walked past boatyards in Spain my entrepreneurial spirit sparked and I contemplated how I could keep a hand “in it” and have a renewed purpose down at the waters edge, on boats and in them too. So I cycled through dozens of ideas, all of which required two of the things my past experiences have made me respect, capital and debt.

I needed to develop an enterprise that valued what I know, not what I own or could borrow.  I thought about all of the experiences and lessons I have retained on the water from my youth to Cal Maritime, Tug Boats in Alaska and my beloved boat yards. And then it struck me, I probably know more about boats than most have forgotten. I know the people that make boats their living, boatyard crews, yacht brokers, shipwrights, chandlery owners, marine electricians, painters, name painters, riggers and many hundreds of members of the boating community.

So I am offering something important and valuable to my boating community, piece of mind. I am offering a new perspective, my perspective, to the profession of marine surveying and in return I am keeping my entrepreneurial spark alive.

So reach out to me the next time you have a question about your boat or the boat you may buy. I am here and I am prepared to help you.  


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