DSCF0916No two boats are ever the same and over time their deficiencies can grow organically. I am not referring to those things that indeed grow in and under boats, no I am discussing the growth of deficiencies created by the “do it yer selfer” ,the tinkerer. Based on the concept of exponentials there may be legions of these characters roaming the waterfronts of every continent, island, peninsula and backwater on this planet. As a Marine Surveyor, I am paid to inspect vessels and to produce reports which highlight these aforementioned deficiencies.

It is a Marine Surveyor industry standard to charge a fixed linear rate for these reports and I would be perfectly content to carry on with this simple billing model but for one major flaw. Excluding size, no two boats are ever alike, not even if they had rolled off the factory floor on the same day and were delivered to twin sibling owners who maintained neighboring slips in the marina.

My day’s are spent calling out the work of tinkerer’s past and present, deep in bilges and dark spaces where sometime during the Reagan Presidency they must have lost their way. As if in a Shakespearean tragedy, damaged characters held under a semi warm Meister Brau induced haze of courage lost their way, down here in the dark. Their stories now illuminated by my Harbor Freight LED penlight.

I am an archaeologist digging for answers to the only question I can muster.


I am going to work on a new pricing model that rewards those among us who refrain from tinkering or at least own vessels that hold true to their christening day without the tinkerer’s tattoos of time.

If you are curious as to whether a boat you want to purchase or already own has been tinkered with, feel free to call me at 805-901-7339.



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