Killion’s COO

DAD AT SB HARBORIts is Mike Killion’s birthday today. He would be starting his 75th year around the sun, spending his time listening to NPR, reading while performing  his primary occupation as “COO” or Chief Opinion Officer.

How spoiled we were, having our own in house COO to bounce ideas off.  Our COO nobly gave us advice and first hand observations of our human condition. Only when asked would his opinions and wisdom light the path ahead. It was always up to us to follow the light.

Dad always pressed morality into everything. Honesty, compassion and empathy were not just words, they were actions and rules to live by. It became  second nature to always take the difficult path. The path that when followed kept a conscience clean.

Let’s try to keep the batteries charged and our COO close for those moments when we need some light for our path.

Happy Birthday Dad!









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