Nauticus Epicurus



Here is a great question. At least I believe it to be. When did the first person head out into the bay on a sailboat solely in pursuit of pleasure?  After a few clicks I travelled back in time to the Bay of Naples and to a beach enclave in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius called Herculaneum. The Martha’s Vineyard of its time to be sure.

In its heyday over 2400 years ago Herculaneum’s beaches were lined with the vacation homes of  Italy’s one per centers. They would spend their days in pursuit of pleasure as Epicurus advised, sequestering for peace and freedom from fear and pain. Good stuff to be sure.

Unfortunately in 79 AD, Mt. Vesuvius put an end to Herculaneum and the people who resided there but no volcanic eruption, earthquake, hurricane or financial melt down can permanently erase the lifestyle they had perfected.

I suggest that on your next visit to the water’s edge and as you see your harbor come into view, remember that your goal is geographically ubiquitous and scattered all along  the human timeline.

Have a great week end on the water! AK

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