Illegal Nino’s

In response to the Star’s column regarding pending legislation on newborn children of illegal immigrants, I would submit that none of us have the right to determine the fate of these innocent young children born on our soil. The immoral nature of such a claim makes me sick to my stomach.

Mr. Gallegly’s arrogant attempt to destroy these children’s only chance for hope is indefensible. I submit that our nation is no longer a nation of borders and expansion, but rather a nation of people and inclusion. True, our resources are being exploited from all sides whether they are currency or land, but this ideology is one of hate, not one of hope.

When the framers built our nation, they determined that manifest destiny required the inclusion of the West. No regard was given to the centuries old relationships the territory had developed with our brothers from the South. Nothing has changed today, as our reliance on these people is stronger than ever before. The wheels of commerce would cease to turn if it were not for these hard working souls, travelling and laboring for one purpose, absolute hope for their children.

What gives us the right to allow our elected representatives to radically destroy this hope? It not only lacks any semblance to the Christian faith from which these very representatives base all of their arguments. It is just plain wrong in the eyes of a dedicated citizen of our great republic, but also in the eyes of a 6th generation Californian

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