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Healthcare and Flu Season

By Andy Killion

It is the 11th of the month and my little company’s health insurance premium is absolutely due today.  My employees rely on this plan for the well being of their families and until this year, paid only one fifth of the cost.  When this “economic downturn” started taking it’s toll on our business, we discussed our options with our employees and agreed that the burden could be shouldered 50/50.

The current healthcare argument-taking place in our congress seems impotent towards hard facts.  The existing healthcare options available to small business are plentiful and yet they are not competitive.  There are tens of thousands of small businesses in the U.S. and yet we are all serviced individually with little or no economic scale. God bless my insurance broker and the service they provide for our little company, as they are a small business too, but their business dilutes the power of my premium. Maybe I need to ask them what plan they use and ask if we can join them.

Our premium dollar has one thousandth the power of the same dollar spent in the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program. This is the plan offered to congress and most federal employees. It is administered by the government but includes both public and private options.

I find it humorous that one half of our adequately, soundly and cost effectively insured congress is actively trying to scare the electorate from changing the health care system.  These “public servants” are allowing big insurance the pleasure of shearing me and my employees monthly.  The other half are unknowingly cobbling together what appears to be a watered down solution for what really ails our economy and its work force.  We need strong medicine. We need change.

Why can’t small business offer the same menu of plans that is available to all of our local federal employees and congressional personnel? It’s Flu season and I am off to see my insurance broker with the check.

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Andy closed his boat yard business this summer and is now embarking on a new voyage yet to be plotted.
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