Last year’s response to a VAT and ideas on education..


Just a quick note from a concerned  5th generation Californian. I have been reading about a new tax format for California business that seems quite sensible. It is called the Net Business Revenue Tax (NBRT). Comically, I just read our sample ballot and discovered a measure to apply an additional local sales tax to support the usual suspects; public safety, fire and emergency response etc.  Didn’t they just get a sales tax increase?

As a small business owner, maybe I should just succumb to the pressures of lack of business credit, defaulting customers and a general economic decline in a plot to become a nonprofit, thus avoiding the NBRT!

Rather than spending so much time planning a new scheme to clip small business our state and local government should look for savings within. Some real and tangible questions for our state and local governments should be:

Why isn’t our educational system focused on the teacher and the classroom rather than the 11 school districts in Ventura County or worse the 1,107 in California?

Why isn’t our focus on enforcing roofing standards and overgrowth rather than the $10’s of millions of dollars spent annually to douse brush fires?

When did it become more lucrative to work in the system of government than to work without? (Based on a recent article entitled “The $100,000 Club.”)

I guess that all I am trying to communicate as a frustrated California business owner is that taxes are important in our democracy, but please enforce them so my competitors will have to comply equally. The rule should not be that a small business’s annual tax bill be inversely related to their lobby/legal power in the county and state seats.

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Andy closed his boat yard business this summer and is now embarking on a new voyage yet to be plotted.
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  1. AndyK says:

    This was a response I made to an article in my local paprer regarding a California State issue. Basically it was going to be a tax on all businesses on gross receipts after payroll and vendor expenses of around 4%

    I was merely claiming that the idea of a tax prior to discussions of cutbacks seemed irresponsible.

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