HOME OWNER AND THE TREE, A letter to the city arborist

November 23, 2002

Post Office Box 9

Attn: Parks Division

Ventura, CA 93002


As a resident and homeowner, I am writing to you regarding the tree in the parkway in front of our property.  We purchased the home in 1996 and experienced our first sewer problem two weeks later.  Since that time , we have had to call on various plumbers 6 times.  The cost of “roots” in the lines has exceeded $600 and we have just been informed that one of our two lines is over 80% blocked. The repair of the line will cost approximately $2000.

We love the tree as it provides shade and has a beautiful canopy.  However, there comes a time when enough is simply, enough. I have attached the “request for service” form along with some photographs which illustrate the sheer size of the tree.

The tree spans over 65’ from tip to tip.  The average tree(same species) on our street spans just 15’. One can only deduce that the excellent growth and health of this tree is a direct result of excellent feeding.  Yet I have not once watered that tree in the 6 years I have been living with it.  Therefore, it is feeding on my lines.

Finally, I am aware of the city’s plans to resurface our neighborhood streets sometime in 2003.  Wouldn’t it make sense to take care of the root intrusion and remove the tree prior to investing tens of thousands of dollars on a resurfacing of Fiesta St.?

I look forward to your timely response to my request.


About Andy Killion

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