Obama’s thunder to be heard on deaf ears

Our President will be speaking this evening  about our departure from Iraq.  Thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives in that ancient land  over the past 8 years.  Since before Constantine declared that worshiping  the Nazarene would be the one true religion, empires have come and gone over Iraq’s mountains and deserts. We are just one of many nations to leave Iraq to it’s own people.  Maybe this time will be different, no king, no potentot, just a bare bones government. Words of Sharia  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharia   are spoken on the fringe, and maybe this is what needs to be. I don’t know.

I do know that our President has to wear many hats. Some which he didn’t even purchase,  but they do come with the office.  Our country needs him to don a hard  hat. We need a new way of managing this economic illness. Wall Street needs to head back up to Manhatten and leave governance to the people we elected. Obama needs to clean house and turn his attention to a more schooled list of economic advisors. The Wall Streeters have had their run and it has proven to be only beneficial to their shareholders and their institutions. None of their policies have impacted Main Street. Now it should be Main Street’s turn, because without Main Street, there are no resources for desert campaigns in foreign lands.

None of my nonsense matters though, because we aren’t leaving Iraq. We are merely moving West to another ancient land. The one that bankrupted Russia and I think gave Alexander the Great a run for his money too. So the march of folly will continue. 


and the beat goes on

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