Aphids, Ants and Us

Let me get this straight.  You are telling me that the more we spend on defense, the safer we will be as citizens?  We own and operate a billion dollar fleet which projects our power to the far reaches of the world’s oceans.  Admiral Mahon’s theory of Power Projection was once stated as  necessary for the safety of this  Great Republic. Starting with our Great White Fleet and Teddy Roosevelt, power projection has developed into a huge cost overrun. It is true that  the offshoots of massive defense spending have proven fruitful to the private sector, but doesn’t it seem damn funny that the very enemies we are projecting against are the creditors to whom we owe so much?  Our nation is really no different than the guy down the street with the big house, cars, and all the stuff you want but figured you couldn’t afford.

Citizens of The Peoples Republic of China should feel kind of stupid.  They send their kid off for 4 years of Naval service to “dog fight” against a fleet financed by the same people writing their son’s paycheck. This is just crazy. I have always thought that our relationship with the Chinese is no different than the relationship between the aphid and the ant.  The relationship is quite simple really; aphids live on trees and produce a sugary substance which the ants harvest for their own benefit. The ants do everything in their power to preserve the aphid. They protect the aphid with their lives against predators.

So not unlike the ants, American consumers visit Walmart to purchase various consumer items that come from China using dollars financed by the same people we are projecting upon.   Our projection in turn is financed with tax dollars which have to filter through our great big military industrial complex. Once those guys get done with us, well let’s just say, we need a little more than what we can afford right now. So we borrow more from the guys making our Plasma screen TV’s and shoes etc.  At the end of the day we are left with a huge amount of debt, a superb fleet of modern warcraft and, oh yes, land fills filled to the brim with consumer waste.

So we continue on this crazy path. Projecting our power in an effort to perpetuate our desire to consume, create and assimilate. All we can hope for is that the aphid continues to produce that sugary substance we devour, money, and that we make sure they are safe.

About Andy Killion

Andy closed his boat yard business this summer and is now embarking on a new voyage yet to be plotted.
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