Why don’t you bill by the waterline instead of the overall boat?

The old adage is that when you are bragging about your boat to your girlfriend you include the bow sprit, the anchor and the dinghy hanging off the back, but when you are questioning a marina or yard bill, the waterline is the only thing that matters.

Afterall, the waterline length is the only thing that is getting painted or utilizing space right? Wrong, the boat occupies a lot of space in or out of the water and if we only charged for WL I would pity the modern plumb bow owners and envy the Hans Christian owners of the world. Speaking of the HC’s, I would bet that half of their overall length is sprits and wing dings.

Anyways, please be kind to your resident marina operators and yards as they are not their to screw you, they are there to provide you with access to the sea. Someone has to do it. Happy Sailing.

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