Shearing vs. Skinning a Sheep

Quietly and without fanfare, hope for expanded health insurance coverage for the nations uninsured was cancelled today. Ironically the votes came from a group of government insured public servants. My how times have twisted our nations perspective on what is right and what is not so right at all.

I own a small business and provide a health plan for my coworkers because I believe a healthy worker is a happy worker. I used to pay 80% of the premium for my people but due to hard times, we have agreed upon a 50/50 sharing of the ever-increasing costs. I am actually taking on a new hire next month not only because I can use his expertise, but also because he like me is barley making it but unlike me, his wife is ill and he desperately needs health insurance or she may die. These my friends are decisions that blind the pocketbook and open the heart to what we are truly here for. For support and unity and none of the other.

A heated healthcare debate between myself, the cranberry sauce and my own federally employed brother in law last Thanksgiving could not have highlighted the polarization of our nation better.  You see if our entire nation cares only about bigger and bigger bombs, larger and larger police forces defending and protecting sicker and poorer citizens, well I have to say, “welcome to 1930′s Deutschland”.

The only winners of defeated health care reform will be the shareholders of corporations who happen to be less loyal and patriotic than we may have so foolishly trusted them to be. A sheep can be sheared every year but only skinned once. Got wool?

About Andy Killion

Andy closed his boat yard business this summer and is now embarking on a new voyage yet to be plotted.
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