A Special Night At PBYC

Our 2011 Commodore shouted “BFF” to Tina as we walked up the stairs to the clubhouse. I asked Tina what BFF meant and she replied “BEST FRIENDS FOREVER silly”. Certainly Cindi was announcing our friendship and not my wife and hers mutual love of romance novels no?  Upon entering the clubhouse my stopwatch counted a full 90 seconds prior to John’s first political comment. I love you John, between you and my communist Archie Bunker Dad I have learned to love and embrace a hearty political debate.

It was sad to hear that Lesley was feeling under the weather but Stephanie carried her with excellent service and lots of photos.

Richard and I discussed my over commitment issues so I said,” Tina has the checks for dues and sponsorships etc”, and he said,” I know.” Wow he is efficient. I mentioned things were picking up and he said that he didn’t have any business until November and claimed that 91% of his 2010 revenue happened in the last month of the year. Oh wait, Susan said he shared that with everyone so I suppose you already heard about it.

Thanks to Lynne for keeping all the harbor riff raff out of our club for the party, wait…I think you missed a few. On that note Rick tried to explain his latest Facebook posting which included a photo of his online poker buddy who happened to be nude and quite possibly some kind of pro at something or other. Anyways it did catch my eye and I wanted to get to the bottom of her/it? Sheryl undoubtebly

Richard shared with me a wonderful plan to scam VYC out of free cocktails which I thought to be brought on by maybe too many free drinks in the first place so we will call it a work in progress for now.

Bill’s wife Debbie made her annual visit to her husbands secret wild and crazy party world. After engaging in some pre-dinner conversation her suspicions were confirmed. Actually not really.

After dinner and introductions it was agreed upon by the group that Cindi will need a wine glass holder for the podium and that she will need whistle lessons. Tina will schedule lessons immediately even though Tom wants to ban whistling to 500 yards from the clubhouse.

Gerald did a wonderful job in 2010 and was quite gracious in thanking all his staff but was remiss to mention Mrs. Davies.  However he made sure that she didn’t forget the Jamba Juice he had  procured for her earlier in the day. Nothing better than a good smoothie. THANKS CAROL!

Jim provided a lesson on how to pronounce his surname and I guess it was something like “La Vig N0″ with a silent g and with I think a Jim in front of it. Thanks for the clarification Jim as god knows; a slip up on that name could be trouble. Come to think about it, how many times do we include our club member’s surnames in conversation? Maybe it was just for the sake of conversation in the first place but thanks for the wonderful photos Jim.

George needs to figure out how to get the snowman down from the flagpole even though the smoking crowd believes it will keep the birds away. My diarrhea joke went over better than I thought. You never know about diarrhea jokes told so close after dinner but it did clarify how the lights work on the deck.

A passionate discussion amongst fellow members about 2011 was cancelled too late for it to end early and topics included new membership campaigns, clubhouse leases, facebook, boats, races, masts, the economy, Randy Buckingham, whether or not Verne Haller utilizes energy enhancers because man that guy can dance forever, more boats and finally John Thawleys true competency to run the race committee.

Richard and Susan can no longer complain about wine glass elitism to Bill as they were given a truly nice set. What was with those Mai Tai glasses for the good stuff Bill?

I feel bad for not visiting with the newer PBYC members but you must understand that my goal was to fortify the clicky elitist atmosphere that PBYC is known for. Actually that isn’t true at all. In reality, PBYC is the anti-clique yacht club  and the truth is we all like to meet at the clubhouse for our mutual liking of  Thawley’s fabulously organized  pre 80′s no, pre 70′s no, well cool music collection and of course BOATING.

If you weren’t mentioned in this letter it wasn’t because I forgot or that I am ignoring you, it was because I couldn’t get Richard to stop talking about his scheme to get free drinks at VYC. Sorry.

Someone call Dr. Laura. She has bar duty next Saturday!

Happy 2011 PBYC, Thanks for the fun!

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Andy closed his boat yard business this summer and is now embarking on a new voyage yet to be plotted.
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