The Dead Days,Discard before reading…

Our lives are filled with events that shape who we are.  At least we think those events are the building blocks of character and experience yet I submit to you that our true character is derived from the countless hours days and months that we cannot recollect. All of those hours of nothing, the days we planned, pushed paper, waited with agendas and ideas that cannot be called upon at will.

How many days define who we are and how we make decisions?  I believe these dead days account for more of who we are than we give them credit for. Just do the math; friendships, schooling, marriages, deaths can be counted with ease and yet they do not define us completely. Our  composition is made up of so much more. For if we were to rely on only those events that can be recalled, we would be lost. Lost in an empty structure with no connecting material. This material is derived from these dead days, days spent alone.  It is during these dead days that we develop and anneal our character.  Like the very make up of the cosmos, vast areas of our souls cannot be defined by events or matter and yet something fills that space.  Yes years of living are stored in there somewhere and in my opinion are as important as events we covet and store within.

They say boredom is a truly powerful emotion as it creates innovation and efficiencies. When I used to complain of boredom to my dad, he used to tell me,” only the boring can be bored”. Looking back I have to say that I am glad I had a chance to be bored. Boredom is like a clean ribbon of nothing on our memory, something to be proud of.  As participants of the “race”, we all  wish we could get back to that place once in awhile.  I suppose there are many of us who deliberately force the issue through high end trips to far away islands and lake fronts and others who rely solely on illegally obtained chemicals to produce the same effect with less than desirable side affects.

So I submit to you the reader, enjoy today. Chances are good that nothing important will happen and you will not recollect a single event of the day but today is just as important as the day you first walked, kissed a girl or drove a car. All of these events are bound together by these dead days. Without them, we would be nothing, not unlike what you have just read.

About Andy Killion

Andy closed his boat yard business this summer and is now embarking on a new voyage yet to be plotted.
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