An Actual Boat Yard Related Blog Post

I was thinking that it has been awhile since I actually wrote something related to boat yards or boat projects.  I suppose some readers suspect this isn’t even a working boat yard that I am writing from or about but rest assured that it is. It is a living and breathing boat yard, actually two of them. We prefer the term Marine Center as it sounds more gentrified and professional.

So if you own a boat or are interested in all things boats you are probably a little miffed that I haven’t discussed them very much. As in an earlier post titled “Naupactus 2500 B.C.”, I must admit that our industry has changed little over the last 5000 or so years. True, paints and building materials have changed but the general premise is all the same. Keep the “water out”.

So what we do everyday is really that simple. We endeavor to keep the “water out”. Unfortunately sometimes we are tasked too late and the water has already won the battle. So we change our tune to “get the water out”, then move on to plan A of keeping the water out. If we get this wrong well lets just say, the water is kept in.

All boats are the same. Yes, they are. Like an E.R. doctor on a Friday night, we have seen it all baby. We have seen great boats and many more of the not so great ones, but rest assured, if it is a boat, we can fix it by god. The main problem usually has to do with the owner’s balance of utility value vs repair costs. Unfortunately many boats are like mini space shuttles with systems that have been bastardized by legacy owners from years passed.

So when it comes time to visit us, just remember that we can fix any boat any time. All it takes is time and money. If you let maintenance go for too long, try to fix things without good parts and materials or utilize poorly trained help, well lets just say, we will be seeing you or your boat sometime at a later date. At the end of the day, all boats have a negative value unless you are using them. So if you find yourself questioning that hole in the water down in the harbor, maybe get down there and take her out so you can remember what it was like the first day you got out on the water. Freedom baby. That’s what we all want. If you can’t find the time, call a broker and blow her out.

Happy Boating!

About Andy Killion

Andy closed his boat yard business this summer and is now embarking on a new voyage yet to be plotted.
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