A Long Forgotten Stress

Judging by my stress level it appears that things are picking up, but not at an unusually profitable pace to be sure. We detect a higher level in ” I need this done sooner than later” in the air that may or may not be readily attributable to what is going on outside of our little world in the form of higher economics, meteorological events or just basic pent up demand for services not obtainable from alternative economic venues. What I mean to say is there seems to be a good number of prospective customers who are ready for the task at hand ie; writing out a check for some good old fashioned boat work to be performed by ours truly also known as Anchors Way Marine.

So after alienating my staff from a long since forgotten til now emotion called “busy stress” derived by exceptional capacity utilization, I have managed to plan tomorrow out so a chip is taken away from the proverbial work block and maybe some more the next day in the form of so on and so on as they say.

I will chalk today’s stress levels to a kind of post tsunami, post staff vacation coming of spring scenario and nothing more. I guess it is a good thing in that it indicates a heightened sense of volume but what remains to be seen is what result will become of it ie net income, something which has eluded us for quite a few quarters.

Fingers crossed, a prayer for the less fortunate, less clothed, less fed waiting on the coastal plains of Niipan who at this very moment have the fear of God in them induced by their need for electricial power by way of the atom and all of it’s potential for destruction and I will resolve myself to the fact that my stresses are none but superficial in the grand scheme of things.

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