CVS, Sugar Coated Peeps and the Economy

A wise old man told me that all you needed to do was wait for spring to hear the birds chirp meaning that customers would show themselves around the time that CVS started displaying those little yellow sugar coated easter peeps.

True to form, CVS has commenced with the “let’s eat candy” for Jesus season in grand form and also true to form, customers have begun to verify that in fact our phone bill was paid for a reason as it is ringing now. The phones aren’t ringing off the hook, but they are ringing, not unlike the sound of the proverbial birds chirping outside your bathroom window. They are in fact chirping their little tail feathers off.

The relief can be sensed in the office as there truly is a purpose for the computer other than solitaire, facebook and weather watching. Oh my god, is it going to be sunny tomorrow too?

It is my opinion that this will be a spring similar to last year with some business, but not at the level we would need to be fully employed and utilized. I actually thought today for one of the first times in recent memory to ask the men if they would like to work past three til 4. This would be a first for us as we have grown accustomed to school hours.

The weather has been absolutely stellar the last few days and I suspect it will continue for awhile which in turn will improve the potentiality of chirping through our phone lines for some time to come. I just dont think it is time to bank on some type of miracle economic recovery at the moment. I suppose the trick would be to ask CVS to keep the little yellow sugar peeps on the shelf until Christmas.PLEASE!

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