On Traditions

The government is shutting down on Friday.  Did you not read the memo? The funny thing is, I thought they were closed already. At least that’s how it felt when I attempted to get some answers from the SBA.  Of course if you recently visited the DMV by telephone you were probably as surprised as I was that they waited this long to make the announcement.( I know that the DMV is not a Federal Agency).

Our Channel Islands Facility is “going under the knife” literally today as workers with very large circular saws are making nice long lines all through our decking today. Unfortunately many of the lines go right under boats which have been on site since the DMV was a lunch time visit option.  Yes, we are juggling boats, customer expectations and construction time lines for the unforeseeable future.

This is also the first day of The Masters Golf Tournament. This is the greatest week for golf fans.  The course is gorgeous, the participants are the best on the planet and the traditions are wonderful.  When my son was just beginning to golf he asked about Augusta National and I said, ” Augusta is to the game of golf what the Vatican is to Catholics.”

So be damned if our government shuts down, my CI facility falls into a quagmire of construction set backs.  I am embracing tradition. It’s Masters Week.

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Andy closed his boat yard business this summer and is now embarking on a new voyage yet to be plotted.
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  1. suefleet says:

    Be damned if our government shuts down except that our family will definitely be impacted since my hubby works for Uncle Sam. However, since he knows first-hand how inefficiently parts of our government are run…and has to work in a stressful and unfulfilling environment on a daily basis…he will embrace the shutdown as a nice vacation. Even though the “vacation” is unpaid! But…since we have a simple lifestyle and don’t over-extend ourselves, we’ll be just fine. Too bad our government decision-makers don’t operate under the same principles! Funding three wars – really? Holy smokes, no wonder we’re in so much trouble. Enjoy the Masters Andy!

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