Who Turned the Lights Off?

Ok I was excited a few weeks ago about our volumes but this has passed and I am looking around to see what I can blame the recent slow down on. It can’t be the weather. The weather has been great and the harbor is shining under a brilliant spring sun.

I suppose the presence of massive construction machines in Channel Island isn’t helping. The six foot deep trenches running everywhere on the site aren’t good for business either. In addition the almost complete loss of electrical power hasn’t helped things. That said, the phones are ringing for estimates and now it is our job to convince our customers that we are their only choice. Their only choice for value, quality and honesty.

So I sit here and ponder what I can do to move this thing along. The alligator needs feeding or else it might just eat me for dinner. Wait a second, I just checked and there isn’t anything left for that critter to eat of me. Lost my left arm during the real estate bubble, my right during the credit crunch and my left leg was confiscated by my creditors.  Now the falling dollar is gnawing on my right leg. Maybe that’s why I am “just sitting” here.

Signing off for now.

About Andy Killion

Andy closed his boat yard business this summer and is now embarking on a new voyage yet to be plotted.
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