Upon returning to “the Reef” and operating in a compromised condition due to FIELD WORK and fossil hunting NE of Baker California, we began with messages left by boaters at sea and ashore. Most of the messages were benign or just indecipherable so we moved on to the next issue, hauling more boats onto the reefs in Ventura and Channel Islands.

By Tuesday we were in full swing, processing jobs, issues, parts and people. An early morning call on Wednesday disrupted our smooth operating machinery as a good friend and customer had lost in a game of boat and rock. Unfortunately, the game was played on the far side of the islands and rescue required multiple resources and actions. All was saved, saving of course , ego and face to be mended along with the boat at a later date.

Thursday began with a meeting of friends on a green and grassy hill and a game yet to be won. The game and camaraderie were celebrated over lunch and conversation, then back to the reefs and all of the variables they offer up, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.

Now I sit in front of the lcd looking upon my words yet to be written and conclude that this week was like any other in most respects and yet it by itself stands as unique to who was captured within it and what experiences we as reef dwellers had together during this 120 hour maritime continuum. It was fun, scary, stressful, exciting, and yet very uneventful. Like the rest I suppose, it too will be filed away in software both silicone and biological. Another week begins on Monday, the tides will continue to ebb and flood and visitors to these reef systems will continue to pass through our gates and over our pier aprons.

What could possibly be a better existence I do not know? I suppose if I knew a better one, I would be sad and disheartened. For the moment, I am optimistic about our future and the future of all of our reef cohabitants for the reef is healthy and alive.  That’s it.

About Andy Killion

Andy closed his boat yard business this summer and is now embarking on a new voyage yet to be plotted.
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