Naupactus Superstitions

Did you know it is considered bad luck to whistle aboard a ship? The superstition is that whistling brings the wind. Well someone whistled down here at Naupactus and it is blowing outside. The wind is colder and moister than a desert wind and it seems to be steadier too. Thousands of miles of flat 50 deg water for it to flow over before it hits our cheeks here in the harbor. Clean, Pacific fragranced and filtered air.

It does get monotonous though. I mean that we aren’t used to listening to the wind blow for more than 18 hours straight.  What if it never stopped, blew across the Mojave, the continental divide, over the Mississippi delta, over the Appalachians, through the canyons of lower Manhattan, across the Atlantic and well you get the picture. All the way around.  That’s probably what its like in the Southern Ocean or so I have heard. 

I suppose that if you were a flying spider, a hanglider who doesnt eat or an Albatross, this would be great. I dont like it though. Anyways, thats whats going on outside right now.  I would wet my lips and whistle a tune, but the wind has dried them out.

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