Fighting off immortal tyranical patriots

Summer in our Republic finds us once again testing and annealing our grand experiment in self- government. Time and time again, our system seems fallible and vulnerable to the efforts of patriots and small thinkers and yet I have faith in our overall collective condition and participants.

Our Republic needs funding and for this moment in time, funding is being outpaced by our consumption of capital for the benefit of creditors and gamers. The rentier class has fought to benefit their coffers at the expense of the remaining 99% of the electorate for the final benefit of our newest class of citizen, the corporation.

Our chief executive, immersed in a wonkishly bureaucratic mire appears to have lost his way at the expense of our workers who so desperately desire the opportunity to work. Unfortunately it appears that our Republic which was once the envy of the world for its vast capacity to produce food, goods and innovation has stalled from our own greed and desire for economy. It appears that our quest for economy has in fact ruined our economy.

Unknown shareholders from distant shores and citie’s have gamed us to the point of implosion. Thomas Jefferson suggested that this would be our plight and appealed to the senses of his fellow framers to protect the rights of future citizens of our Republic. He had asked what right we have in making policies and laws that will bound our Republic’s future generations with policies and laws which they may not need or want? In this regard I am not describing debt, I am describing rights and rules that benefit corporations, our nation’s immortal citizens, at the expense of the mortal.

I suggest that there is hope for our self imposed conundrum as it will play out one way or another, but rather than ousting a king or an emperor, we may need to oust corporations. You see at least a king dies and subjects his realm to change through ascension, but just like kings, corporations never die on their own accord.

The next revolution may be fought from the ashes of an absolute critical mass of a corporate singularity, a singularity that reinvents the very way that our society creates capital and innovation.

From the ashes of this singularity a new class of citizen will emerge, a citizen who through intelligence, morality and responsibility, selects proper representation and who makes personal sacrifices for the benefit of the Republic. This for the moment appears as inevitable as the passing of summer and the coming of winter.

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