Casting off

Our reef collective departed the safety of our unnatural barriers to cast off one of our own today. We ventured into deeper waters away from the reef, out into the flow of things in an effort to give our friends’ remains every best possible advantage to move along and mix & mingle with the elements not familiar with our normal surroundings. With a quiet ceremony amongst close friends standing upon various platforms, he was gently distributed into the great ocean.

Words were spoken and thoughts were silently directed towards him and his life. The shear permanence of the sea shrunk our souls and his into a tiny place in time which will eventually be lost, but not without hope, our hope that for this one moment we recollect how important his spirit proved to be amongst our own spirits which have yet to be finished.

So it goes without much pomp and ceremony that one spirit leaves us but not without our confirming the importance of his brief cohabitation with ourselves upon this reef we all share for the moment anyways. 8 bells, taps and a lapping wave along the hull bring us to the end of a life and the beginning of a memory. Fair winds Gregg.

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One Response to Casting off

  1. suefleet says:

    Beautiful Andy, simply beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes and I didn’t even know Gregg. What a wonderful tribute to your friend…I’m sure he approved.

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