Fridays in the boatyard

Its Friday in the boatyard and the sun is shining brightly. We continue to eek out a living on the fringe of the world. We operate between the realities of the work ‘ a’ day world and the freedom of the open sea.

Our customers wait with patience as we complete our tasks and deliver home their precious craft, ready for another season of adventure, leisure and freedom.

Next week will bring another set of challenges which I am most certain we will overcome and once again conclude next Friday so long as we plan and execute with precision and grace.

The boat yard is a special place. We are truly lucky to be able to continue on with traditions as old as commerce itself. We hope to see you sometime, down here at the waters edge.

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My first(and last?) fictional novel is in process

“Youth is lifted by time yet to be spent and age is suppressed by time spent poorly. Time can weigh as much as the universe or it can weigh nothing at all.”

I am writing a fictional novel and this is one of umpteen hundreds of notes which I am working with.

The thought came to me when I was contemplating how as we get older, time develops weight which is in defiance of all natural laws.

I am really excited about my notes and intend on having fun “creating” something that is not only entertaining but also fulfilling. Like a good meal I guess…

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The up, down, high and low of it.

A pale haze has set upon our boat yard from the west. It isn’t cold but it isn’t hot either. The year has started off with a buzz of activity and change which when you think about it, seems to be the description of most years. We are endeavoring to do the good work which in turn gives us satisfaction from jobs well done. We love what we do and the envelope of freedom we have created for ourselves to live a life on the waterfront, messing about with boats, serving our customers.

Today, like any other day, the certainty of bills arriving early is about as great as receivables arriving late. This is the way it goes but the real trick is to make the most of it when you can because riding the ups, downs, highs and lows should be done with style.

Better to lean into life and fall back when you must than to hold back, waiting for things that may never unfold.  Reciting a favorite quote from “The Eiger Sanction” when the climbers are facing certain death out on the North Face of The Eiger discussing their options, a climber suggests,” we may make it,” and his partner adds,” I don’t think so, but we will continue with style.” And so we persevere, with style and grace.

And by the way, the weather down in the harbor is beautiful. The Channel Islands along with all of their swimming and flying inhabitants are calling out,” come visit us, and see just how much style we have too.” Let’s go sailing!



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